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That’s right, today I’m going to talk about my progress on Neopets. Which hasn’t amounted to much since my last update. :X I’ve had my current account for almost two and a half years, and I’m only just now about to hit my very first million (after splurging on an Electric Paint Brush for ~450,000 NP).

I’ve discussed previously how I’ve always wanted an Island Uni (and I mean always; I think this is the third account so far I’ve tried to accomplish this with?) but I’ve never owned a full lab map either. I want both, but can only afford the lab map right now (~900,000 NP). An Island Paint Brush runs for ~4,800,000 NP and an Island Uni Morphing Potion isn’t much cheaper. *sigh*

What’s a Neopian to do? Should I splurge on the lab map and hope for the best, or keep saving for the paint brush/morphing potion? Or am I the only one here who still plays Neopets?

*crickets chirp*

…Alrighty then.


In the age of iPhones, World of Warcraft and Facebook…does anyone still remember Neopets?

*crickets chirping*

Just me, then? …Okay.

I can’t even remember when I started playing Neopets. However, over the years I’ve started and quit the game with multiple accounts. I remember my first pets were an Aisha and a Poogle (back before they were uber-hard to attain). I had another account with a green Uni that I had planned to paint Island. Nearly two years ago I started a completely new account, this time with multiple pets. I still have that account, though I’ve gotten incredibly lazy with it. :X

Still, I have that same goal of attaining an Island Uni. Why? I have no idea, I just always thought it was an awesome color paired with an awesome pet. And I desperately want a Chomby. THEY ARE SO CUTES!!

I also remember being a member of the Soup Faerie Helpers guild, which was massive. The website is still up, though it’s been inactive for ages.

So, does anyone besides me still log in every now and again? And not just in December to nab some sweet Advent Calendar prizes? Tell me about your goals, the largest amount Neopoints you ever saved, your favorite pets…and if you ever achieved any of your Neopets goals! And of course, if you want to be Neofriends feel free to add me. :)

giga pets

Look what I just found while going through boxes in our basement: my old Giga Pets!

I was able to get the Digital Doggie (left) up and running, through the sound doesn’t work anymore. The Komputer Koala (middle) has a damaged screen, which is why there’s a weird black mark on it. And I haven’t tried out the Nano Baby yet (right) because having more than one of these active at a time is a pain in the ass, IIRC.

Honestly, I’m not too upset that the sound for the Digital Doggie doesn’t work, seeing as these things tend to chirp every minute or so inevitably preparing us for owning a cell phone. Still, it’s pretty cool to rediscover one of the first pieces of technology I ever owned as a kid. Hello, nostalgia!

Tell me your Giga Pet/Nano Baby/Tamagotchi/etc. stories! :)

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