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Buy ALL the shirts!

Holy cow, look at me posting so often! My poor blog, first I abandon it for months on end and then I suddenly start spamming it. D:

So anyway, Threadless is having a huge $9.99 t-shirt sale so I couldn’t resist snagging a few designs.

Due to my limited budgeting, I had to talk myself out of this next one. But considering my recent increased workout regime, I might still snag it anyway! Goooooo little rhino!

What designs do you want to snatch up? The sale ends this Friday so better act fast!

I wear my nerd on my sleeve. (IMAGE-HEAVY!)

Aaaaahhhhh, finally! It’s taken me forever to get around to it, but I now present to you…my nerdy t-shirts! :D

^ This is a souvenir from The Whomping Willows show I went to a few years ago. This particular print is discontinued, but you can get an updated one from his merch shop. (Ignore my shadow in the lower right corner. That’s not a stain, just my head. xD)

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