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“Eldritch Blast! Eldritch Blast! Eldritch Blast!”

Issra Blessens grew up with her mother, a human named Tinra, and never knew of her elf father whose name and whereabouts are unknown. When Issra was a child, Tinra took part in a Fey Pact to protect her daughter from a mysterious power hell-bent on using the child’s intense magical powers for its own means. Issra had no say in the matter, since she was only a child. When Issra came of age her mother disappeared without a trace, and the only one that knows of her mother’s whereabouts is the guardian of Issra’s Fey Pact. The guardian has since sent its agents (in the form of pixies) to taunt Issra about her mother’s disappearance, and to instruct her to be in the large town of Boro Grove on the day of the Planting Festival. There, the agents told Issra, “something” would happen. Having no clue as to where and why she needed to be in this town at this particular time, and worried sick about her mother’s whereabouts, Issra begins her adventure (and mine) the day of the Planting Festival.

So there’s my character’s backstory! The first session went well, though admittedly Issra had very little to do but hang around the festivities and observe anything odd or mysterious happening. I had a lot of trouble during the first round of combat (which took place in the evening, post-festival) because I was struggling to properly take advantage of all of Issra’s powers and I was still figuring out the mechanics of basic combat. Still, I had a lot of fun and I’m excited to see what comes out of this session. Did that dwarf attack on Boro Grove have anything to do with the Fey Pact guardian’s message? Or was it pure coincidence? Find out next time!

Invisible eye-poking? Check!

So last Thursday was character creation for The Boyfriend’s summer D&D campaign. I settled on a Half-Elf Warlock named Issra Blessens (thank you, random fantasy name generator!). She’s physically weak, but very intelligent with tons of charisma. Issra’s probably going to be the face of the group due to all of that charisma, so hopefully I can pull that off! I’m kind of nervous about that, but it makes sense for Issra to take a leadership role. Everyone else in the party is a little lacking in that area. ;)

Still working on some of Issra’s backstory, but the essentials are that Issra’s an out-of-towner along with one other group member – everyone else lives in the starting town. She’s very bubbly and fun, but if you’re an enemy or get on her bad side, she’ll let you have it full-force. She’s got a rod, a javelin, and a dagger at her disposal. Your choice. :P

Her at-will powers include Eldritch Blast and Eyebite, so…Issra blows shit up and pokes you in the eye repeatedly if you piss her off. Her encounter powers are Witchfire (penalties to attack rolls) and Knack for Success. Her daily power is Curse of the Dark Dream (self-explanatory, I hope). Physically she’s not very threatening, but watch your ass when it comes to her powers. As she levels, they’re only going to get worse!

So far I’m really excited about the campaign and my fellow adventurers. I’ll make a post later this week featuring the background story about our adventures and how the first official session goes!








That is all.


I cast Magic Missile!

Ah, finally! An actual update! My last final exam is this evening, but I need to take frequent study breaks or else I go a little cray cray. So, I’m back! And I’ve pledged to post at least once a week this summer, which should help because…


I’m joining in a D&D campaign! :D I’ll be joining The Boyfriend, his brothers, and his friends in a weekly summer adventure. It’ll be The Boyfriend’s first time running a 4th Edition game so we’re all starting out a little new, which will be nice for me. I’ll be sure to post each week about how the game is going and my thoughts on finally embarking on this aspect of nerdom I’ve been putting off for ages. We’re thinking of starting character creation sometime next week, and The Boyfriend keeps teasing me about how I’ll probably end up playing an archer because of Katniss Everdeen. (Okay, I kind of want to. Sue me.)

I also want to work on a post showing off my nerdy t-shirt collection, which is growing extensively and I’m becoming quite proud of it! It’s something I’ve been thinking of doing for around two months now, but there was always a textbook chapter to read, a lesson to plan, a paper to write, and so on. This semester has been intense, and my summer schedule should be much easier (a biweekly Spanish summer school class and possibly some volunteering at some local schools). Next semester…well, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. One more semester, then it’s on to student teaching. GAH.

As you can see from my bucket list, all I have left to watch of The Clone Wars is season four! I’m pretty stoked but will be taking my time with this season, since the next one isn’t due to start for quite some time. But I’ve really been enjoying the character development and the animation, especially in season three. Oh my goodness, the animation. This show is so pretty. *____*

Still haven’t decided on Denver Comic Con yet. Will probably hash out ticket prices and hotels and such this weekend.

My apologies again for the sudden influx of old posts yesterday. I’m sure your inboxes/RSS feeds/etc. were stacked, and I’m not sure why WordPress did that. I went back and recategorized and retagged every post, so I guess WordPress sent it all out thinking they were brand-new posts? I have no clue, but if you found it annoying then I am so sorry. Still, I changed up the right sidebar a bit and I hope regular readers and new visitors will find this place much easier to navigate.

That seems to be it for now. Look for at least one new post next week! (Maybe sooner, but how many times have I broken that promise?) :X

What? I really like LEGO stuff.

And not that stupid girly line they have coming out, because I have…erm, feelings…about said product line. Rage-y, feminist-backed feelings because honestly, why would girls ever want to play with yucky boy toys, EVERYTHING MUST BE SEGREGATED FOR OUR POOR CHILDREN RAAAAWWWWRRRRR.

Ahem. Yes.

So The Boyfriend brought over LEGO’s new board game Heroica for us to play, and I LOVED IT. Yeah, it takes a little bit of time to rearrange the board when preparing for a new mission, but honestly I don’t see it being any different than setting up the original and best version of The Game of Life. Not to mention that since it’s LEGO, everything snaps into place quickly and nicely.

The rules were explained very clearly, and all of the settings are super-cute! The amount of detail put into each board set is amazing. (I love the chicken leg in one of the sets; The Boyfriend and his family made it a rule that if you roll a shield, you can stand there and eat the chicken leg to gain back 2 life. xD) The characters (a druid, knight, ranger, wizard, rogue, and barbarian) each have a specific power than can be enhanced through buying weapons with gold pieces found during the game. And not to brag or anything, but I totally whipped The Boyfriend’s ass won two of the three rounds The Boyfriend and I played together with my awesome druid/wand/helmet combo. ;)

I have to say, now having tried both Heroica and a legit roleplaying game like Pathfinder, I much prefer this style of play. I guess I’m more of a visual learner, since it was easier for me to enjoy the gameplay with an actual model in front of me. Of course, there are dungeon sets you can buy online to make traditional roleplaying games feel a little more real, but let’s face it. LEGOs are just cuter!

So on that note, I highly recommend Heroica for non-geeky friends, or surface geeks who aren’t totally into the roleplaying aspect of geekdom (like me). It was challenging yet fun and easy to understand, and now I have one more distraction from my current overload of schoolwork. :P

Have you played Heroica yet? If so, what did you think? Have you gotten any non-roleplayers into it?

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