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your mum would say yes


Hey, Boyfriend? You paying attention? ;)

I’ve had Portal on the brain too long


now my internal voice sounds like GLaDOS

first one to makes fun of me will be breathing neurotoxin.

From now on, The Boyfriend will be referred to as The Aperture Science Weighted Companion Cube.

That is all.

(Okay, not really. That’s a lot to type in one go. But I’ve been calling him that in real life and the effect has been rather…lulzy. xD)



I wish this happened to my class xD


So I’m usually very awful at video games. Like, really really awful. Why? Because I get nervous. No, really. It’s like I get stage fright whenever there’s a timed challenge or something. Unless the game is meant to be fun and light and non-competitive and squee-worthy (aka LEGO: Harry Potter).

Still, I should probably get over that stage fright thing because there’s this awesome game that I’ve seen tons of Let’s Plays for and it has the kind of mysterious unfolding storyline I can’t get enough of and a free copy of it was just gifted to me (thanks, Sammy!), so I should probably just suck it up and enjoy it already.

The sequel just came out, of course, but considering the aforementioned stage fright I have it’ll probably take me ages to get to it. I can’t help it, GLaDOS scares the shit out of me. I don’t want to face her, you can’t make me do it! I won’t! *sobs*

Okay, the game is almost done downloading. I can do this. Just gotta remember to breathe deep… *inhales* *chokes* …and relax. This is gonna be fun! If I die, no big deal I DON’T WANNA DIE!!!!!!!.

Finals are right around the corner, but I’m planning out a post that covers all of the projects I’ve taken on since starting this blog (Magic: The Gathering, Portal, Lego Harry Potter, etc.) so I can catch you all up on how those have been going and possibly some ideas of where I’d like to go next.

Good luck to those of you taking on GLaDOS for the second time, you poor things!

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