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What? I really like LEGO stuff.

And not that stupid girly line they have coming out, because I have…erm, feelings…about said product line. Rage-y, feminist-backed feelings because honestly, why would girls ever want to play with yucky boy toys, EVERYTHING MUST BE SEGREGATED FOR OUR POOR CHILDREN RAAAAWWWWRRRRR.

Ahem. Yes.

So The Boyfriend brought over LEGO’s new board game Heroica for us to play, and I LOVED IT. Yeah, it takes a little bit of time to rearrange the board when preparing for a new mission, but honestly I don’t see it being any different than setting up the original and best version of The Game of Life. Not to mention that since it’s LEGO, everything snaps into place quickly and nicely.

The rules were explained very clearly, and all of the settings are super-cute! The amount of detail put into each board set is amazing. (I love the chicken leg in one of the sets; The Boyfriend and his family made it a rule that if you roll a shield, you can stand there and eat the chicken leg to gain back 2 life. xD) The characters (a druid, knight, ranger, wizard, rogue, and barbarian) each have a specific power than can be enhanced through buying weapons with gold pieces found during the game. And not to brag or anything, but I totally whipped The Boyfriend’s ass won two of the three rounds The Boyfriend and I played together with my awesome druid/wand/helmet combo. ;)

I have to say, now having tried both Heroica and a legit roleplaying game like Pathfinder, I much prefer this style of play. I guess I’m more of a visual learner, since it was easier for me to enjoy the gameplay with an actual model in front of me. Of course, there are dungeon sets you can buy online to make traditional roleplaying games feel a little more real, but let’s face it. LEGOs are just cuter!

So on that note, I highly recommend Heroica for non-geeky friends, or surface geeks who aren’t totally into the roleplaying aspect of geekdom (like me). It was challenging yet fun and easy to understand, and now I have one more distraction from my current overload of schoolwork. :P

Have you played Heroica yet? If so, what did you think? Have you gotten any non-roleplayers into it?

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So, The Boyfriend and I have finally completed LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 for the Wii! Okay, uh, we’re actually at 97.5% completion but we think there may be a few glitches getting in the way of us finding the last Student in Peril and two golden bricks. One of these days I’ll do a full run-through of Hogwarts (since all of the regular and bonus levels are totally completed) and double-check that I didn’t miss anything. But otherwise we are finished! It was actually really fun going back through all of the levels, except the lake task during Year 4. That level has been and always will be a right pain in the ass!

In other news, The Boyfriend has been kind enough to set up a small Pathfinder campaign for me, so that I can get used to roleplaying and combat rules and such. I might possibly start joining him and his friends in their bimonthly roleplaying game, but I’m still unsure. Of course my inner geek is screaming to join in, but my girlfriend senses are wondering if that’s such a good idea. xD I’ll definitely keep you all posted! I might even post a copy of my character sheet if anyone is interested.

A brief review on Pottermore: I am EXTREMELY depressed that I was not sorted into my house of choice (and unlike others, I am NOT trading in my merch and taking the Sorting Hat’s word as the final one), bu otherwise the site has been tons of fun. It’s definitely not an MMORPG, but an illustrated (and animated!) read-along for the books. The amount of bonus content for just the first book (as well as the bonus content itself) is blowing my mind, and the site is absolutely gorgeous and easy to navigate. However, because this is beta testing, there are definitely some bugs (mostly contained to dueling and potions-making). The Pottermore team seems to be on it, though, which is good. :) Overall, I love it and think any Potter fan would love it as well. Keep your chin up if you haven’t received your Hogwarts letter welcome email yet — the amount of users being let into the site is being staggered, so it might be a long wait (though well worth it). And if you’re interested, head on over to the site and sign up to be notified when registration begins for the public!

See you all next time! :)

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