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Back to Platform 9 3/4

Ages ago I wrote about how Pottermore was a disappointment to myself and other Harry Potter fans. I hadn’t thought about it much, until I saw some recent twitter updates from the site. Recently, Pottermore tallied up all of the House Points earned by the four Houses and announced that Slytherin had won the very first House Cup, and would therefore be given 24 hours access to Chamber of Secrets before anyone else once the book is released.

Since it’d been a while since I logged on to my account, I did so and thought for a while about the House I’d been Sorted into. As a huge Harry Potter fan and growing up reading the books, a huge part of your identity as a fan is which House you belong to. I honestly have nothing against Hufflepuff and do see some of its qualities in myself, but I was never happy about how the Sorting Hat test went. Not just because I didn’t get my House preference (Ravenclaw), but because I didn’t feel like I answered honestly and was trying to get Ravenclaw on purpose. J.K. Rowling told us not to do that in a video that precedes the Sorting ceremony, but come on. We all have a preference and want to go where we feel like we belong. (Helloooo, high school!)

Still, I’d always thought about setting up a new account and trying the test again. Years ago I Google’d “Sorting Hat quiz” and took every single quiz that came up, from the intense to the mundane. Twenty pages of later, I’d yet to be Sorted anywhere other than Ravenclaw. I was stunned, because I’d always liked that House but didn’t realize I had such a strong connection to it. With this newly acquired knowledge, I started feeling more comfortable buying Ravenclaw shirts, I had my mom knit me a Ravenclaw scarf, I used Ravenclaw signatures on message boards, and so on. I was happy and set in my House and felt like I truly belonged.

So when I was Sorted into Hufflepuff on Pottermore, I was stunned and a little crushed. I know a lot of people felt the same, but it was still disheartening. And not because Hufflepuff is the “reject House” because honestly, I get really sick of all of the shit I hear about that House. Just because it’s the House we know the least about doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value.

Anyway, I signed up for a new Pottermore account and started exploring again. I got to the Sorting Hat quiz and started getting nervous, but I took a deep breath and took my time with each question. I went with the answers that I would’ve gone with, not what I thought would get me into Ravenclaw. I thought carefully about each answer, and as I did I kept thinking that I wouldn’t be put into Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, but something totally unexpected like Gryffindor or Slytherin. (I’ve never identified with the two major Houses, so I’d definitely be shocked if I made it to either of them!) Which made me laugh a bit and relax. It would be my luck to be Sorted somewhere completely different this time!

I clicked submit and closed my eyes, because I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I opened my eyes, peeked between my fingers, and saw this:

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Yes, I still love these games. SUE ME.

One geeky thing I started over break that I forgot to mention in my last post is reading The Myst Reader. The boyfriend got it for me as a Christmas present in 2010, and I’m an awful girlfriend because I’ve only just now started to read it. :X

If you played the Myst games and were totally confused about the storyline or you just want to know more, The Myst Reader is a collection of three novels written by the original creators of the games. Each book covers either what happened before Myst and after Riven. The Book of Atrus is about Atrus’ upbringing by his grandmother Anna, and how he is discovered by and becomes an apprentice for his father Gehn and later retaliates against him and Gehn’s irresponsible methods for writing linking books. The Book of Ti’ana is about the woman Ti’ana/Anna, the first human to ever venture into the D’ni world and how she single-handedly destroyed their universe. (You think they’d put this one before The Book of Atrus, since Ti’ana/Anna’s story precedes Atrus’, but I digress.) The Book of D’ni describes the events after the second game in the series, Riven, and Atrus’ attempts to rebuilt the D’ni civilization and make up for the damage his sons and father caused.

I finished The Book of Atrus over break and have started on The Book of Ti’ana, though that will probably have to wait until this semester is over. (SO. MUCH. READING. OMG.) Still, I was extremely impressed by the first book and while it could’ve used a better editing job, it was intriguing and was perfectly tied in with the opening of Myst which brought back a ton of nostalgia. According to Wikipedia, fans have been given the blessing by Cyan (the creators of Myst, Riven, and Myst V: End of Ages) to turn The Book of Ti’ana into a film, and I honestly can’t wait for it. Unless it sucks.

Myst was my very first video game ever (if you don’t count the original Oregon Trail), and it’s been great to have some extra backstory on the D’ni and the characters we come to know throughout the rest of the games. I’d still love to know more about Sirrus and Achenar’s misadventures, so hopefully a book on that is in the future, but for now these books are more than enough. I just wish I had more time to finish it!

Until next time, keep calm and geek on. 8)

iOS 5 star wars alert tones


Hopefully that explains my brief absence. If not…you’ve never been a college student. Anywho, Apple’s iOS 5 software update was released on Wednesday, and with it came a brand-new alert tones store. The current top alert tone, you ask?

That’s right. I cannot tell you how fun it is to have R2-D2 as my text message alert tone. I also snagged Darth Vader breathing and Agnes from Despicable Me (“IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE”). Now, if only they’d get a few GLaDOS tones…

From MacRumors:

Ringtones have been available for purchase for a while, but the Alert Tones are a brand new offering.

Ringtones are $1.29 and alert tones are $0.99.

To get to the Tones Store, head to Settings/Sounds and select any of the tone options. Then click “Buy More Tones” at the top of that window.

Who else has snagged some of these awesome nerdy alert tones?

my little pony: friendship is magic/star wars

I’ve been sick for the last week so not much to report on my end, but here’s a post from the lovely ladies at I wanted to share. (Yes, I watch MLP: FIM and love it. You should too.)

Guys, I swear I’m not giving up until every single one of you watches the new MLP series, “Friendship is Magic”. In this season’s premiere (which aired this last Saturday on the Hub Network), the end scene (not to give away spoilers or anything) closely parodies an iconic scene from Star Wars.

Come on. HOW can this be a show for little girls?

No, really though. You should totally watch this show, it’s all on YouTube so no excuses! I’ll be back soon with a real update. :) *coughs* *sniffs*


That’s right, today I’m going to talk about my progress on Neopets. Which hasn’t amounted to much since my last update. :X I’ve had my current account for almost two and a half years, and I’m only just now about to hit my very first million (after splurging on an Electric Paint Brush for ~450,000 NP).

I’ve discussed previously how I’ve always wanted an Island Uni (and I mean always; I think this is the third account so far I’ve tried to accomplish this with?) but I’ve never owned a full lab map either. I want both, but can only afford the lab map right now (~900,000 NP). An Island Paint Brush runs for ~4,800,000 NP and an Island Uni Morphing Potion isn’t much cheaper. *sigh*

What’s a Neopian to do? Should I splurge on the lab map and hope for the best, or keep saving for the paint brush/morphing potion? Or am I the only one here who still plays Neopets?

*crickets chirp*

…Alrighty then.

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