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read it first

Okay, don’t get too excited that I’ve updated three days in a row. I’ve just had some extra time on my hands this weekend; it won’t be long before more papers and required readings rain down on me.

Speaking of reading, are you like me in that you hate when people see the movies before reading the book it’s based on (if they even read the book at all)? I especially get that way about the Harry Potter series; someone once said to me that they were “too lazy” to read the books, and I’m like “OH HALE NO.”

Also, I can’t tell you how many movies I’ve seen where I didn’t know it had originally been based on a book. That’s entirely my fault for not researching it, but now there’s a way to encourage people (and yourselves) to read the book first, and find out what new movies coming out are based on books. Yay!

I present to you: READIT1ST.COM! Developed by Hank Green of EcoGeek and the vlogbrothers, you only need enter your name and email address and voilĂ , you’ve taken the pledge and will receive the newsletter about which new movies are based on books! There are also buttons where you can tweet or make a Facebook post about your pledge, and to encourage others to do the same.

So for all of my fellow book purists, the answer to our prayers is here! Go check it out now at READIT1ST.COM. :D

3d vs. 2d

…What’s the big deal about 3D?

No, really. Someone please explain it to me. It seems like everyone is geeking out over 3D being so awesome and amazing and revolutionary, and now every movie is either being made in 3D (without a 2D option *sob*) or re-released in 3D.

I. HATE. THREE. DEE. I’m sorry, 2D looks perfectly fine to me. I get godawful headaches when watching 3D, and I’ve yet to see a 3D movie that looked remarkably different or better than its 2D counterpart. And yet, everyone is doing it. Everyone is loving it. Everyone thinks it’s awesome and I don’t know why.

Unfortunately, I don’t see the 3D obsession stopping anytime soon. Thank goodness for people like Hank Green, who came up with and is now selling 2D Glasses. This is such a brilliant idea, it makes me want to stand in front of the Hollywood sign and say “HA-HA!” and blow a raspberry. (Yes, I’m actually four years old.)

As Gizmodo puts it, “2D Glasses are here, they’re real, and they’re ready to flatten whatever Hollywood throws at ‘em.” So if you’re like me and NOT geeking out over everything in the world being transformed into 3D, here’s how you can beat the system!

Can I get an “EPIC WIN!!”? \o/

bucket list

I’ve finally added a link to the nerdy bucket list I started working on a few months ago. Feel free to check it out with the other links above, and let me know what you all think! Also, suggestions for goals to add to the list are always welcome. :)

Keep calm and geek on!

lego harry potter: years 1-4

After my last post I decided to continue past the Tom Riddle glitch and play through the rest of the story, even if meant not being able to reach 100% completion. (The Boyfriend, being a significantly more competitive gamer than I, was appalled at my decision. xD) I, however, figured I could play through all of the story and become more familiar with each level, making it easier when I start a new game with 100% completion in mind.

So yesterday I finished Year 4, and I have to say that I’ve been really impressed by the difficulty of this game…except the final boss battle with Lord Voldemort. Beforehand I was freaking out because I assumed I’d need my entire arsenal of spells against him (not unlike the maze in the third Triwizard task level), but was disappointed that all I had to do was Expelliarmus a few Death Eaters and press B repeatedly to enact Priori Incantatem. I thought it’d take more than just button-mashing to defeat the greatest dark wizard of all time! Of course, The Boyfriend reminded me that this game was also marketed at kids, not just adults, and if Warner Bros. made it too difficult to finish they’d be S.O.L. So there’s that.

As of today, I’m on a new game of Lego HP hoping to reach 100% completion. And since I’m on spring break this week, here’s hoping I can get it done in a relatively short amount of time! (Because, naturally, I still have homework over break. Of course, reading Forged in Battle: The Civil War Alliance of Black Soldiers and White Officers isn’t exactly “homework” so much as fun. /historygeek)

And if you haven’t yet, please go watch Hank Green (accompanied by his wife, Katherine) play Lego HP. They are hilarious, and it gives you a great look at the game if you haven’t seen/played it yet. :)

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