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I wear my nerd on my sleeve. (IMAGE-HEAVY!)

Aaaaahhhhh, finally! It’s taken me forever to get around to it, but I now present to you…my nerdy t-shirts! :D

^ This is a souvenir from The Whomping Willows show I went to a few years ago. This particular print is discontinued, but you can get an updated one from his merch shop. (Ignore my shadow in the lower right corner. That’s not a stain, just my head. xD)

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harry potter

That’s right, boys and girls, it’s time for a good old-fashioned NERD RANT. Because the world of Harry Potter is SRS BSNS.

So, I’m a Ravenclaw. Y’know, that whole “wit beyond measure” thing? The House of Luna Lovegood? Yep, that’s me. From what Google tells me, anyway.

When I first read the Harry Potter books I never really knew which Hogwarts House I would be (hypothetically) sorted into, so of course I figured I’d get some answers by searching for “sorting hat quiz”. (As of right now, there are about 4,540,000 results for this search phrase.)

So, I began. I took quiz after quiz, and answered questions as mundane as “What’s your favorite color?” and deeper questions like (on a scale of 1-9) “I often feel guilty; I am quick to blame myself, even though I might not talk about it.”

Somewhere around fifteen pages into the search results, and I’d yet to be sorted anywhere but good ol’ Ravenclaw. Which is pretty rad, right? Not only does this mean I’m a freaking genius, but I’m in the same House as the radish earring-wearing goddess known as Luna Lovegood. And thanks to Luke Conard, I’m free to chant “I’m a Ravenclaw/I like to read books/when I cast spells/they’re off the freaking hook.” Total win, right?


I mean, of course it had to be this way. Of course I would be sorted into the House with an apparent identity crisis.

See, in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Ravenclaw’s colors are described as being blue and bronze, with an eagle mascot. Enter the Sorcerer’s Stone movie, and what do we get?

Blue and silver. With a raven mascot. WHAT. THE. HELL.

As far as I know, there has never been any explanation given for why this change was made. If you happen to have any intelligence on this, I would love to hear about it because I’m absolutely dying of curiosity. But this leads me to a bigger problem: as a book purist, I’m stuck having to buy Ravenclaw merchandise in the wrong colors with the wrong mascot, because Warner Bros. has something against eagles or something. *headdesk*

And of course it seems silly to many of you, my rage towards this injustice. But come on! It’s in the freaking books! As per J.K. Rowling, aka GOD in the Harry Potter fandom. How can you eff that up? Unless the writers and/or producers didn’t actually read the books close enough to catch that detail, of course. (Sometimes I wonder…)

Okay, I can kind of see it. “Ravenclaw”. Yeah, I get it, you took it literally. But then again, the mascot for Hufflepuff isn’t a Huffle…or a Puff…so I still can’t really let Warner Bros. have that one. And I know many of my fellow Ravenclaws feel that blue and silver look better together than blue and bronze, but…but, I…I just…IT’S IN THE BOOKS! THAT’S HOW IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE! AKFJHDGHFJLDSHFFHF!!!!!!!!!

*deep breath*

I really should just get over myself and buy this freaking thing if I want a Ravenclaw shirt so badly. But I just…ugh. I hate it. I want a blue and bronze shirt with an eagle, and that’s how it should be. I don’t want a stupid, ugly raven with a stupid blue and silver color scheme because it’s ugly and dumb and not how it is in the books.

So THERE. /childishtantrum

all caps

This post is half-blog, half-shout out.

Last year, I discovered the glorious existence of wizard rock. I know, I know, I’m totally late to the party since wizard rock has been around for about as long as the Harry Potter books themselves, but now I’m completely 100% addicted.

Anyway, wizard rock led me to an even deeper obsession: nerd rock. How does that correlate? Kristina Horner of The Parselmouths and Luke Conard of Ministry of Magic came together in 2008 to form ALL CAPS. They’re known for such hits as “World of Warcraft Ruined My Life”, “Don’t Unplug Me”, and “Mrs. Nerimon”. (Personal favorites include “Trainers in Love”, “Delete You” and “Summer of 09”.)

Not only are Kristina and Luke immensely talented, they’re also ridiculously adorable both together and apart. *chinhands* So please, check them out at the links below:

italktosnakes (aka Kristina)


magic: the gathering

Okay, so the weekend before finals probably wasn’t the greatest time to start a new internet project. But who cares about that? I now have a grand total of 8 followers! Most of whom I already know in real life! *throws confetti*

But in all honesty, thanks to everyone who’s following adventures in geekdom so far. I really appreciate it, and it motivates me to continue writing about my geeky exploits. :)

So, onto my first blog topic! I’m really excited about this one. It’s Magic: The Gathering! I was introduced to this game through the nerd band ALL CAPS when they made a vlog about going to a MTG draft. It piqued my interest, so I immediately text The Boyfriend and asked if he’d ever heard of this game. He had (I should have known, *facepalm*), and mentioned that he only had a gazillion cards left from when he used to play with his dad. Score!

After The Boyfriend taught me the basics, we set out to build our decks from all of his cards. I went with a blue deck because I thought the blue looked pretty, which was a very big mistake on my part. (I really need to break my attraction to “shiny things”, it’s probably going to get me into big trouble someday.) However, I found that using a blue deck straight out of the gate was pretty overwhelming because of the specifics of each card. It was difficult for me as a n00b beginner to grasp what I could and couldn’t do and how to make certain combos work, and I was getting frustrated. Fast.

To remedy my frustration, The Boyfriend and I set out to his favorite gaming store to pick me up an Intro Pack. Basically, each Intro Pack contains a ready-to-play 60-card deck featuring a 15-card booster pack. After looking at all of the different options, The Boyfriend and I decided on:

Yes, a red deck with some blue worked into it. The Boyfriend felt that it’d be a little easier for me to learn how to play the basic game with a deck that was 1) meant to be played with straight out of the box, and 2) really good at blowing shit up and dealing damage rather than focusing on counter-attacks and spells, which I can focus on when I’ve got the basics down. (I actually get a small taste of that from the few blue cards I have in this Intro Deck, which is nice.)

Once I opened my Intro Pack and started playing against The Boyfriend, we were both pretty stunned as to how good the deck was. I didn’t think an Intro Pack for any kind of card game would have resulted in such a great deck, and I didn’t get stuck with basic, generalized cards like I initially imagined I would. I also got some pretty awesome cards in the accompanying Booster Pack, so overall I’m pretty stoked.

So far, I’m pretty happy about MTG. Not only is The Boyfriend excited about playing again, but one of his friends has decided to get back into it and bought an Intro Pack himself (I believe he went with the blue and white deck), so I might actually be able to join in with the guys for a gaming session every now and again. :)

That’s it for now. As I mentioned above, I have finals coming up so I wouldn’t expect any new posts until later this week. (If I do post something, I give you all permission to poke and pester me as needed to quit procrastinating and to get back to work!)

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