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It’s always good to reward yourself.

So there’s still a few more sessions to go, but I’m very happy that I’ve nearly finished my first-ever D&D campaign! Overall, the experience was extremely fun and I’m happy I decided to participate with this group of awesome guys. :) As a reward to myself for contributing so much to the group (okay, perhaps not me but my character’s ass-kicking powers), I bought myself some shinies!

^Yay, shinies!! (And my Wii Fit and workout gear in the background, LOL.)

^Yes, big dice for funsies! Thankfully my group doesn’t mind if I use these for my rolls during the actual game because they are SO FUN.

^A brand-new, sniny Deck Box for my Magic: The Gathering deck! Yeah, I have a red/blue deck but I really like green, so :P. My old box I stole from The Boyfriend was torn and broken in places, so it was definitely time for an upgrade. It’s also a bigger box! I was surprised, but it has more width so my cards aren’t squished and impossible to get out of the box anymore.

^My very own D&D dice sets! I’d been using The Boyfriend’s colored dice from the original D&D starter set so I could get better acquainted with each dice, but now I have dice of my very own! (I’ll miss those colored dice, though.) I got a green set because, as mentioned above, I like green, as well as a blue and bronze set. Hint, hint. ;)

YAY FOR SHINIES! I’m excited to cross something else off of my nerdy bucket list this summer. It’s been awesome!

Take the Pledge!

I thought this was a nifty little website, and wanted to pass it along so others could share it. I’ve gotten some of my male gamer buddies on my Facebook to sign up (including The Boyfriend), so yay!

From the Gamers Against Bigotry website:

As a gamer, I realize I contribute to an incredibly diverse social network of gamers around the world, and that my actions have the ability to impact others. In effort to make a positive impact, and to create a community that is welcoming to all, I pledge to not use bigoted language while gaming, online and otherwise.

Bigoted language includes, but is not limited to, slurs based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and disability.

Read more about the pledge, including what is and isn’t included, and the overall purpose here.

Read why you shouldn’t use the word “rape” casually here.

The people behind this website are looking to become a non-profit, so please donate if you can. The Mary Sue posted an interview with one of the founders of the site, which is a really fantastic read.

The pledge benefits folks who are already avoiding bigoted language in-game because it unites them and shows them they aren’t the only ones who feel the way they do. At times, and depending on the game you’re playing, it can feel like you’re the only one who is put off by the bigoted speech that’s tossed around in game chat. Every additional pledge is another person speaking up, publicly, that bigoted language isn’t okay. As our numbers grow, we’ll get a better sense of where the gaming community really stands on this stuff.

You can pledge on their website, “like” them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

More Minecraft with Kain!

Kaintheslayer, aka my fellow Nerd Herder, has started a single player Let’s Play for Minecraft with a Dr. Doom theme! If it sounds interesting to you, feel free to check it out and subscribe to his channel for more Minecraft videos!

The Social Network (Addict)

So my first article for THE HUDSUCKER, the brand-new blogzine I’m writing for, is now live! This series is all about my addiction to various social networks, and how I’m able to get the most out of them and not letting empty accounts just sit there. Also, feel free to check out The Boyfriend’s article on being unable to finish a video game as well! I’m proud of his work as well and I hope you enjoy the other fantastic articles that have been posted thus far. :)

Last week we had to cancel our Dungeons & Dragons session because half of the members weren’t going to be able to be there. Which means, unfortunately, I don’t have much of an update to give you! D: I’ll be sure to have something up this weekend, because I’m just hitting my stride with the roleplaying aspect and I want to continue to improve with combat. And, naturally, I want to document all of this!

Stay tuned! :)



Issra has taken on a life of her own with thanks to my nerves about how exactly to roleplay her. I didn’t mean to shout out “OH WOW, CLOUDS!!” in the middle of the other characters dialoguing, but with that, the bubbly, eccentric, and dazed Issra Blessens voice was born. I mean, she was always supposed to be bubbly and happy, but it’s sort of hilarious how toddler-ish she’s become. Instead of saying “Stop, I have a strange connection to the forest we’re approaching,” she’ll blurt out “I HAVE FEELINGS.” She’s adorably scary, and despite her cuteness she will still blow you up with Eldritch Blast (when she’s not rolling so shitty). The other party members are equal parts amazed and scared of their teeny yet powerful new friend. Especially one of the Drow in our party; Issra shared her breakfast with him in the inn when he first came to town, and she has since claimed him as her BFF. I’m not sure if he’s comfortable with this yet. :P

I’m doing really well with the roleplaying and really enjoy that aspect of it the more I play, but man do I still suck at combat. I have some powerful abilities other than just Eldritch Blast, but I’m still not sure when I should be using them and on whom. My fellow gamers have been really helpful in this area, but it’s still a struggle. Of course, it didn’t help that this week’s game was a disaster as far as rolling. My perception was shit, my aim was shit, everything was shit. SHIT, I SAY. Oy.

I know that’s how it goes some weeks, but seeing as how much ass-kicking Issra has delivered in the past few games, it’s really discouraging when suddenly you’re rolling threes and fours when you need to roll sixteens and seventeens.


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