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Take the Pledge!

I thought this was a nifty little website, and wanted to pass it along so others could share it. I’ve gotten some of my male gamer buddies on my Facebook to sign up (including The Boyfriend), so yay!

From the Gamers Against Bigotry website:

As a gamer, I realize I contribute to an incredibly diverse social network of gamers around the world, and that my actions have the ability to impact others. In effort to make a positive impact, and to create a community that is welcoming to all, I pledge to not use bigoted language while gaming, online and otherwise.

Bigoted language includes, but is not limited to, slurs based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and disability.

Read more about the pledge, including what is and isn’t included, and the overall purpose here.

Read why you shouldn’t use the word “rape” casually here.

The people behind this website are looking to become a non-profit, so please donate if you can. The Mary Sue posted an interview with one of the founders of the site, which is a really fantastic read.

The pledge benefits folks who are already avoiding bigoted language in-game because it unites them and shows them they aren’t the only ones who feel the way they do. At times, and depending on the game you’re playing, it can feel like you’re the only one who is put off by the bigoted speech that’s tossed around in game chat. Every additional pledge is another person speaking up, publicly, that bigoted language isn’t okay. As our numbers grow, we’ll get a better sense of where the gaming community really stands on this stuff.

You can pledge on their website, “like” them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

More Minecraft with Kain!

Kaintheslayer, aka my fellow Nerd Herder, has started a single player Let’s Play for Minecraft with a Dr. Doom theme! If it sounds interesting to you, feel free to check it out and subscribe to his channel for more Minecraft videos!

Yes, I’m still upset about this.

A D&D update post IS coming, but first…gamer dudes with bad attitudes are PWND.

Denver Comic Con 2012!

So I live in Colorado, and it was brought to my attention by a friend that there will be a Comic Con in Denver this year! I’ve always wanted to go to a con (specifically the Comic Con), so to hear about this is extremely exciting!

From June 15th-17th at the Colorado Convention Center, the Rocky Mountain region is getting its first major comic con in beautiful downtown Denver, Colorado! Come join our many wonderful guests and help support a great cause!

Guests that have been confirmed include Gail Simone, Jason Aaron, Bob Layton, Sean Gordon Murphy, James O’Barr, Zach Howard, Rebekah Isaacs, Katie Cook, Noah Van Sciver and probably more to come as June approaches.

There isn’t an actual listing of events up yet, but as with the guests appearing, more details will probably pop up as the event date draws closer.

What’s also awesome about this event (besides, duh, comic con!) is that the entire event benefits Comic Book Classroom, a non-profit after-school program that fosters children’s literacy by using comic books and graphic novels. As a nerd and a future educator, this is crazy awesome and something I definitely want to support!

It also looks like the event is looking for volunteers, so if you’re interested definitely check out their website.

Again, it’ll be from June 15-17, 2012 at the Colorado Convention Center. There are discounted rooms available at the Hyatt Regency across the street from the convention center for $99 (while supplies last), so make sure you book early! Tickets and hotel packages are available here.

I’m definitely going to try and attend (I’ll be sure to post and confirm whether or not I am), so be sure to let me know if you’re in the area and plan to go!

Nerd night.


Hopefully the boy is still letting me tag along to watch him play Magic at the local game shop.

I want to play too, but I kind of suck.
The boy made me a deck, though. Maybe I can find people who are like me. I wish I was good, but I’ve never really had anyone good to play against except my boyfriend and my exboyfriend.

I am also dressing super cute for this occasion.
Feel free to laugh at me. 

1. I’m also not very good at Magic, even though (according to The Boyfriend) I have a killer deck.

2. I’ve never played against anyone besides The Boyfriend.

3. I always dress cute when going to nerdy events with The Boyfriend.

YAY US! \o/

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