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The Social Network (Addict)

So my first article for THE HUDSUCKER, the brand-new blogzine I’m writing for, is now live! This series is all about my addiction to various social networks, and how I’m able to get the most out of them and not letting empty accounts just sit there. Also, feel free to check out The Boyfriend’s article on being unable to finish a video game as well! I’m proud of his work as well and I hope you enjoy the other fantastic articles that have been posted thus far. :)

Last week we had to cancel our Dungeons & Dragons session because half of the members weren’t going to be able to be there. Which means, unfortunately, I don’t have much of an update to give you! D: I’ll be sure to have something up this weekend, because I’m just hitting my stride with the roleplaying aspect and I want to continue to improve with combat. And, naturally, I want to document all of this!

Stay tuned! :)

Introducing THE HUDSUCKER!

First of all: I WILL NEVER EVER ABANDON MY PRECIOUS GEEK BLOG, EVER. Okay? I’ll postpone updates for lengthy periods of time when I suck at that grown-up thing called “time management,” but I’ll never abandon this blog. You got that? I personally enjoy it way too much, and the five regular readers I have would probably miss it too. ;)

Now that I’ve posted a disclaimer, I’m happy to announce that myself, as well as The Boyfriend, have been asked to be a contributing writer for a brand-new blogzine called THE HUDSUCKER. Essentially the purpose of the THE HUDSUCKER is:

to bring readers real and honest pieces by writers who driven by their sheer love and admiration of various subjects. THE HUDSUCKER aims to create a smart and unique environment for readers while getting info and connecting with each other through the world around them.

I’ve known many of the staff and contributing writers at THE HUDSUCKER for many years now, and I’m so excited to be working with them on this new and exciting endeavor. :) So be sure to follow THE HUDSUCKER as well if you’re interested in my non-geeky thoughts and ramblings!

And on a completely unrelated note…I’ll leave you with this:

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