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Oh…yeah. This thing exists. :X

I know, I know, it’s been a while. *ducks flying objects*

Hey, to be fair, finals and the holidays were particularly brutal this year. So while the three people who consistently follow my blog are mad that I haven’t updated in ages, I HAVE NO REGRETS. Muahaha.

Not much holiday nerdiness to report. I did receive LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, so I’ve been dorking around on that all winter break and I’m nearly done with the story playthroughs. I’m holding out on LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 because of price and simply wanting a different LEGO video game experience for a while. After that, I may move on to LEGO Star Wars. I LIKE LEGO GAMES, OKAY?

Also, The Boyfriend and I have added The Big Bang Theory to our tv must-watch list. His parents had been bugging us to watch it for ages, and after getting through half of season one I promptly went out and bought seasons 1-4 on DVD. Needless to say, “Bazinga!” and “Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock” has made its way into our collective conscious.

I was going to say “If you haven’t seen it yet, you totally should!” except it seems he and I are a little late to that party. :X

I’ve finally picked up my Magic: The Gathering deck again for the first time in ages, and boy am I rusty. Still, some of The Boyfriend and I’s friends are building and improving decks of their own so we’re all hoping to start a weekly MTG meetup in the near future. I’m trying to focus my Red/Blue deck more towards short bursts of fiery damage using low-cost Red monsters and lots of Blue scry cards, which means more Fiery Hellhounds! *pets her sweet demon poochies from the underworld*

I’ve updated my affiliates list and removed blogs that no longer updated, and have added a new about the geek page so you can learn a little bit more about moi! As always, I’ll do my best to post as often as I can and I have a few blog topics lined up (a card-by-card analysis of my MTG deck to start), so check back for that.

I hope you all had a lovely holiday season and New Years, and here’s to blogging and geekdom in 2012!


general update

Oh, hey there! Yeah, I took a brief hiatus for the summer because, well…it’s more fun to blog when you’re procrastinating. Not when you’re spending all of your free time having fun, and I didn’t want people to think I’d forgotten about my lovely little project here since I’d really only been reblogging stuff. Still, I’m (tentatively) back — we’ll see how crazy this upcoming semester gets. ;)

So, updates on all of the fun nerdy things I’ve been up to this summer!:

pottermore I finally got to cross some things off of my nerdy bucket list this summer, and this is one of them: be first in line for a geeky/nerdy event! Okay, maybe I wasn’t standing in an actual line, but I am one of the lucky one million fans who get to beta test J.K. Rowling’s new website Pottermore. However, once beta testing starts it’s against Pottermore’s Terms & Services to screencap and post anything about the site, so updates on that may be on hold until the site opens to all in October 2011. I don’t want to risk losing my beta account!

wizard rock I also was able to cross off my bucket list goal of attending five wizard rock concerts! Of course, I’ll continue to try and see any wizard rock band that plays out here, but five seemed like a good number at the time. The Boyfriend was a trooper and went with me to see not only Harry and the Potters, but also The Contour featuring various nerdy/wizard rock musicians from YouTube. It was a blast!

magic: the gathering Sadly, still not many updates here. I bought a booster pack not too long ago, though I still need to go through my deck and see if anything I got from it will fit in well with my red/blue deck.

lego harry potter: years 1-4 While waiting for Pottermore beta spots to open, I started playing this again after quite a long absence. I’ve currently made my way through all of the story modes, and am now going back and free playing each level to snag all of the bonus features. I’ve also found all of the bonus features within Hogwarts itself, so I’m currently sitting at 81.7% completion. :)

renaissance faire I attended my very first Ren Faire with The Boyfriend and various accomplices, which was a ton of fun (even if walking around in the heat wasn’t). We didn’t dress up for the occasion, but I did get to ride a camel!

star wars The Boyfriend and I started watching the prequel trilogy about a week ago, and I’ll let you all know my thoughts on that in a separate post. We’re now ready to start the original trilogy, so that’s another bucket list item I’ll be able to cross off soon!

I’m still fixing up my nerdy/geeky bucket list, and certain list items will change as I start to complete them (e.g., “Play World of Warcraft” might change into “Reach level 10 in World of Warcraft” once I actually do start playing). So make sure you keep checking that out to see how I’m doing, and feel free to suggest anything else I should add to the list! I’m always looking for suggestions. :)

I actually gained some followers during my brief hiatus (whut?), so…hi new readers! Thanks for following, and I hope you’ll stick around as I continue my journey into the depths of geekdom!

general update

Okay, I promise I have a good excuse for not posting in ages. There were some personal matters going on with The Boyfriend that required my attention, finals week kicked my butt, and of course there was that whole Rapture thing. (What, those jokes aren’t funny anymore? Oh. Uhm. *clears throat*)

HOWEVER! Here is the promised “recap post” about what I’ve been up to with most of my geeky activities I had previously blogged about.

magic: the gathering I actually haven’t played at all since January, when school started back up. :X I’ve really missed it, but seeing as I don’t have a ton of access to a car I can’t really make it to any Friday Night Magic events. Also, whenever The Boyfriend and I have been able to hang out, we’re usually studying together and trying to get homework done. So one of my summer geek goals is to get back into playing MTG, and to even attend a Friday Night Magic session.

lego harry potter: years 1-4 Another project that has fallen by the wayside due to school, but I plan on getting The Boyfriend (‘cause he’s the most fun to play it with :) over here to sit down and co-op with me so we can finish up all of the main levels, then I can focus on 100% competition after that. I’m currently on chapter 2 of Prisoner of Azkaban, which means it should only take about 1.5-2 hours of playtime to finish the rest of the game.

portal I finished it. I loved it. GLaDOS haunted my dreams and was the voice of my inner thoughts for weeks afterward. I’m not sure when I’ll be starting Portal 2, because I’d like to finish up the above projects before piling any more on myself, but I’m definitely looking forward to it whenever I do play it!

neopets Still failing at playing games, doing my dailies, and saving up those Neopoints. I might log on a little more often for the Altador Cup this summer, ‘cause Yooyuball is stupidly fun, but don’t get your hopes up. xD

etc. Harry and the Potters, as well as ALL CAPS and co., are touring this summer. I plan on attending and blogging about it afterwards, so look out for that!

Thanks for sticking with me, and here’s to a fantastically geeky summer!

magic: the gathering

Eureka, I haven’t hit an error message yet!

In all seriousness, I really did consider relocating this blog to another site because Tumblr has been so buggy lately. Be grateful I didn’t have the guts to leave you, Tumblr. At least, not yet. *evil eye* Also, as announced in the mini-post I made a few days ago, comments are enabled for everyone! *throws confetti* (If you’d still like to submit a question or topic for me to write a full post on, there’s always the ask feature.)

Time for Magic: The Gathering updates!

Last week, The Boyfriend and I headed over to the local comic book store to find some individual cards for our decks, as well as to buy booster packs (just for fun). The store had all but two of the cards I was looking for — Fire Servant and Preordain — and because I didn’t end up getting them in my booster pack, The Boyfriend and I are thinking of making another trip to the comic book store in a few weeks to see if they’ve restocked. However, I did end up with another Shiv’s Embrace, Earth Servant and Fiery Hellhound like I wanted. YEY.

On to the booster packs! Which is quite the funny story, actually. A few weeks ago, one of The Boyfriend’s friends ended up with the super-mega-awesome-rare planeswalker for my deck (Chandra Nalaar) in his booster pack. Fast-forward to the present, with The Boyfriend and I back at home from the comic book store and preparing to open our newly-bought booster packs. He joked that it’d be hilarious if I received his friend’s planeswalker card (Jace Beleren), just to even the score. I laughed…and laughed even harder as soon as I ripped open the packaging, because guess what the very first card was?

Yep. Seriously.

In non-Magic related news, I’m currently working on a checklist of geeky/nerdy things to try out in both the near and distant future (e.g., watch Scott Pilgrim vs. the World [near], go to ComicCon [distant], etc.). While this blog isn’t about forcing myself to be a stereotypical “geek”, I still think it’d be fun to test out some tried-and-true geeky pastimes and see how it goes. If you have any suggestions as to things I should add to my list, please tell me about them in the comments!

Until next time…keep calm and geek on. :)

general update/magic: the gathering

My poor little blog. How I’ve neglected you so!

I really do feel bad about not posting in over a week (only a week? It feels like it’s been a lot longer), but I had absolutely no control over what’s been happening to my body. You see, during finals week, I came down with the flu.

Oh, yes. I’m serious. It was gloriously fun. And it totally didn’t make me rethink the effectiveness of that damned flu shot, no sir. But wait! That’s not all! Just as I was beginning to recover (and keep food down)…I caught a cold. A nasty one. That I’m still dealing with as we speak. (Thanks, Mom. *sniff*)

Sadly, all I’ve got for you are some minor updates on Magic: The Gathering:

1) The Boyfriend received the white and black 2011 Intro Deck from a friend for Christmas, and has been using it to give me a run for my money. Boo. I liked it better when my Ancient Hellkite was kicking his ass. :(

2) However, said generous friend bought himself the blue and white Intro Deck, and in his Booster Pack he ended up with Chandra Nalaar. Namely, the Planeswalker for my deck, which a super-mega-ultra-rare-made-of-awesome card.

Thankfully, said friend was all up for trading it for a Conundrum Sphinx that came in the Booster Pack I’d gotten in my Intro Deck. *clings to Chandra*

3) The Boyfriend and I went through both of our decks and next week, we will hit the local comic book store to buy some individual cards that will hopefully benefit our decks barring that this effing cold goes away before then. Don’t get me wrong, I reiterate what I said in my last post — the Intro Decks are pretty damn awesome — but I don’t really need a Stone Golem (artifact creature) that costs five mana when other decks have creatures and sorcery that will get rid of all artifacts on the playing field, when I could have another Fiery Hellhound. Woof. *smooshes her cuddly demon puppy from the underworld*

I’m sorry that’s all I’ve got for you, but I really need to rest up. Hey, while I’m resting, I may finally watch the last three episodes of Firefly! And watch Serenity! (I’ve been putting it off because I DON’T WANT IT TO END. *sobs*)

So, yes. Hopefully I’ll recover from this awful plague cold (and everyone around me will start using hand sanitizer 24/7 for the next four months), and I hope everyone has a wonderful plague-free holiday season.

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