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The Batman Movie Massacre

I don’t live in Aurora, but I do live close to there and know the theater that this all took place at. My thoughts go out to everyone who has been affected by this tragedy, and I’m sickened to hear that another small bit of humanity has been chipped away.

I mean, a six-year-old girl was killed. At the movies.

It’s just not fair.

If you’re not aware of what happened, here’s a link.

For everyone going to see The Dark Knight Rises or any other film this weekend, I hope you stay safe and are able to enjoy the experience.


I cast Magic Missile!

Ah, finally! An actual update! My last final exam is this evening, but I need to take frequent study breaks or else I go a little cray cray. So, I’m back! And I’ve pledged to post at least once a week this summer, which should help because…


I’m joining in a D&D campaign! :D I’ll be joining The Boyfriend, his brothers, and his friends in a weekly summer adventure. It’ll be The Boyfriend’s first time running a 4th Edition game so we’re all starting out a little new, which will be nice for me. I’ll be sure to post each week about how the game is going and my thoughts on finally embarking on this aspect of nerdom I’ve been putting off for ages. We’re thinking of starting character creation sometime next week, and The Boyfriend keeps teasing me about how I’ll probably end up playing an archer because of Katniss Everdeen. (Okay, I kind of want to. Sue me.)

I also want to work on a post showing off my nerdy t-shirt collection, which is growing extensively and I’m becoming quite proud of it! It’s something I’ve been thinking of doing for around two months now, but there was always a textbook chapter to read, a lesson to plan, a paper to write, and so on. This semester has been intense, and my summer schedule should be much easier (a biweekly Spanish summer school class and possibly some volunteering at some local schools). Next semester…well, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. One more semester, then it’s on to student teaching. GAH.

As you can see from my bucket list, all I have left to watch of The Clone Wars is season four! I’m pretty stoked but will be taking my time with this season, since the next one isn’t due to start for quite some time. But I’ve really been enjoying the character development and the animation, especially in season three. Oh my goodness, the animation. This show is so pretty. *____*

Still haven’t decided on Denver Comic Con yet. Will probably hash out ticket prices and hotels and such this weekend.

My apologies again for the sudden influx of old posts yesterday. I’m sure your inboxes/RSS feeds/etc. were stacked, and I’m not sure why WordPress did that. I went back and recategorized and retagged every post, so I guess WordPress sent it all out thinking they were brand-new posts? I have no clue, but if you found it annoying then I am so sorry. Still, I changed up the right sidebar a bit and I hope regular readers and new visitors will find this place much easier to navigate.

That seems to be it for now. Look for at least one new post next week! (Maybe sooner, but how many times have I broken that promise?) :X

Wil Wheaton and lightsaber training? WAAAAANT.

So with my Big Bang Theory obsession ever-growing, the announcement that Wil Wheaton himself will be at Denver Comic Con (June 15-17, 2012) might have made me squeal out loud. And clap my hands rapidly in a fangirl-like fashion.

Widely known as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek; The Next Generation and from the classic movie, Stand By Me, Wil Wheaton is the latest guest added to the impressive Denver Comic Con line up. An accomplished actor, writer, tweeter, and blogger whom has developed a mind blowing cult following. He can also be seen on his recurring role on the smash hit comedy series, The Big Bang Theory and Felicia Day’s gaming-centric web series, The Guild.

Truth be told, I’m still very on the fence about whether or not I’ll be able to go to DCC (timing, money, hotel/transportation, etc.), but GAAAAAHHHHHH I MUST MEET WIL WHEATON.

Oh, and also:

famous stunt coordinator and legendary light sabre wielding guru Nick Gillard has come on to do an exclusive Jedi Fighting Master Class. Gillard is known as the swordmaster behind the thrilling choreograph and stage combat of the Jedi for the original Star Wars films as well as the of training Jedi Knights – Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor, Hayden Christensen, as well as Ray Park and Christopher Lee.

AKHDJSKFHJDSKGFJDSGHKJDFG WAAAAAAAAANT. Okay, okay, I know I’ve only just recently seen the entire Star Wars movies and I’m still making my way through The Clone Wars, but even *I* know how badass of an opportunity this would be.

Right now I still have concerns that may keep me from going, but if you don’t, BUY TICKETS NOW. I think we all want this inaugural Denver Comic Con to be amazing so they’ll keep coming back!

More info can be found at:

Denver Comic Con 2012!

So I live in Colorado, and it was brought to my attention by a friend that there will be a Comic Con in Denver this year! I’ve always wanted to go to a con (specifically the Comic Con), so to hear about this is extremely exciting!

From June 15th-17th at the Colorado Convention Center, the Rocky Mountain region is getting its first major comic con in beautiful downtown Denver, Colorado! Come join our many wonderful guests and help support a great cause!

Guests that have been confirmed include Gail Simone, Jason Aaron, Bob Layton, Sean Gordon Murphy, James O’Barr, Zach Howard, Rebekah Isaacs, Katie Cook, Noah Van Sciver and probably more to come as June approaches.

There isn’t an actual listing of events up yet, but as with the guests appearing, more details will probably pop up as the event date draws closer.

What’s also awesome about this event (besides, duh, comic con!) is that the entire event benefits Comic Book Classroom, a non-profit after-school program that fosters children’s literacy by using comic books and graphic novels. As a nerd and a future educator, this is crazy awesome and something I definitely want to support!

It also looks like the event is looking for volunteers, so if you’re interested definitely check out their website.

Again, it’ll be from June 15-17, 2012 at the Colorado Convention Center. There are discounted rooms available at the Hyatt Regency across the street from the convention center for $99 (while supplies last), so make sure you book early! Tickets and hotel packages are available here.

I’m definitely going to try and attend (I’ll be sure to post and confirm whether or not I am), so be sure to let me know if you’re in the area and plan to go!

extra life 2011

One of my favorite blogs, Zaxy, posted this and I wanted to help spread the word!

Britt, Kristina, and I are pleased to announce that we will be participating in Extra Life again this year!

Extra Life is a 24 hour video game marathon to raise money for children’s hospitals.

Check out more info here! It takes place on October 15th, and like last year, we’ll be on Ustream the whole time so you can check up on us. Take a look at the adventures that came of it last year. Highlights included special guests, a fire alarm, and a dancing penguin.

Want to join our team and help raise money for kids by gaming? Join here! If you’re not able to play along but can donate, you’re welcome to do so as well.

We can’t wait to do this again and we’re hoping to make it even bigger and more awesome than last year. Who knows, if we’re lucky we may have TWO fire alarms go off!

Let me know if you’re planning on participating! I’m definitely gonna round up some friends and see if they’re interested. :)

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