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Potter fever strikes again. Dammit.

* I finished the story element of LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean. I know, FINALLY. I got it for Christmas last year. :X I was gonna work on 100% completion before starting LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7, but considering LEGO: Pirates was by far the most frustrating LEGO game I’ve ever played, I might set that goal aside for another time.

* Speaking of Harry Potter, I’ve given in and have decided to reread the series again. Which is probably a bad idea considering how my summer school agenda looks for the next few weeks. Oops? Still, I haven’t reread the series in at least a year and a half (probably closer to two years, to be honest) and I’m taking notes this time around. I’ll post my questions and notes after I’ve finished each book so I can go through and answer them if possible!

* The Boyfriend and I will be at the Harry and the Potters/Potter Puppet Pals tour stop in Denver on August 4; will I see you there? I hope so! :D

And just because:


So…this conversation happened.

Little-known fact about me on teh interwebz: I’ve been riding and working with horses since I was five years old. The Boyfriend has been absolutely lovely about the idea of owning horses someday, and the other day I had some…ideas…about what to name these future equine family members.

(Oh, and give me a break on misspelling Cersei Lannister’s name. The Boyfriend and I are still dreadfully behind on Season 2 of Game of Thrones.)

Yes, I still love these games. SUE ME.

One geeky thing I started over break that I forgot to mention in my last post is reading The Myst Reader. The boyfriend got it for me as a Christmas present in 2010, and I’m an awful girlfriend because I’ve only just now started to read it. :X

If you played the Myst games and were totally confused about the storyline or you just want to know more, The Myst Reader is a collection of three novels written by the original creators of the games. Each book covers either what happened before Myst and after Riven. The Book of Atrus is about Atrus’ upbringing by his grandmother Anna, and how he is discovered by and becomes an apprentice for his father Gehn and later retaliates against him and Gehn’s irresponsible methods for writing linking books. The Book of Ti’ana is about the woman Ti’ana/Anna, the first human to ever venture into the D’ni world and how she single-handedly destroyed their universe. (You think they’d put this one before The Book of Atrus, since Ti’ana/Anna’s story precedes Atrus’, but I digress.) The Book of D’ni describes the events after the second game in the series, Riven, and Atrus’ attempts to rebuilt the D’ni civilization and make up for the damage his sons and father caused.

I finished The Book of Atrus over break and have started on The Book of Ti’ana, though that will probably have to wait until this semester is over. (SO. MUCH. READING. OMG.) Still, I was extremely impressed by the first book and while it could’ve used a better editing job, it was intriguing and was perfectly tied in with the opening of Myst which brought back a ton of nostalgia. According to Wikipedia, fans have been given the blessing by Cyan (the creators of Myst, Riven, and Myst V: End of Ages) to turn The Book of Ti’ana into a film, and I honestly can’t wait for it. Unless it sucks.

Myst was my very first video game ever (if you don’t count the original Oregon Trail), and it’s been great to have some extra backstory on the D’ni and the characters we come to know throughout the rest of the games. I’d still love to know more about Sirrus and Achenar’s misadventures, so hopefully a book on that is in the future, but for now these books are more than enough. I just wish I had more time to finish it!

Until next time, keep calm and geek on. 8)

read it first

Okay, don’t get too excited that I’ve updated three days in a row. I’ve just had some extra time on my hands this weekend; it won’t be long before more papers and required readings rain down on me.

Speaking of reading, are you like me in that you hate when people see the movies before reading the book it’s based on (if they even read the book at all)? I especially get that way about the Harry Potter series; someone once said to me that they were “too lazy” to read the books, and I’m like “OH HALE NO.”

Also, I can’t tell you how many movies I’ve seen where I didn’t know it had originally been based on a book. That’s entirely my fault for not researching it, but now there’s a way to encourage people (and yourselves) to read the book first, and find out what new movies coming out are based on books. Yay!

I present to you: READIT1ST.COM! Developed by Hank Green of EcoGeek and the vlogbrothers, you only need enter your name and email address and voilĂ , you’ve taken the pledge and will receive the newsletter about which new movies are based on books! There are also buttons where you can tweet or make a Facebook post about your pledge, and to encourage others to do the same.

So for all of my fellow book purists, the answer to our prayers is here! Go check it out now at READIT1ST.COM. :D

harry potter

That’s right, boys and girls, it’s time for a good old-fashioned NERD RANT. Because the world of Harry Potter is SRS BSNS.

So, I’m a Ravenclaw. Y’know, that whole “wit beyond measure” thing? The House of Luna Lovegood? Yep, that’s me. From what Google tells me, anyway.

When I first read the Harry Potter books I never really knew which Hogwarts House I would be (hypothetically) sorted into, so of course I figured I’d get some answers by searching for “sorting hat quiz”. (As of right now, there are about 4,540,000 results for this search phrase.)

So, I began. I took quiz after quiz, and answered questions as mundane as “What’s your favorite color?” and deeper questions like (on a scale of 1-9) “I often feel guilty; I am quick to blame myself, even though I might not talk about it.”

Somewhere around fifteen pages into the search results, and I’d yet to be sorted anywhere but good ol’ Ravenclaw. Which is pretty rad, right? Not only does this mean I’m a freaking genius, but I’m in the same House as the radish earring-wearing goddess known as Luna Lovegood. And thanks to Luke Conard, I’m free to chant “I’m a Ravenclaw/I like to read books/when I cast spells/they’re off the freaking hook.” Total win, right?


I mean, of course it had to be this way. Of course I would be sorted into the House with an apparent identity crisis.

See, in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Ravenclaw’s colors are described as being blue and bronze, with an eagle mascot. Enter the Sorcerer’s Stone movie, and what do we get?

Blue and silver. With a raven mascot. WHAT. THE. HELL.

As far as I know, there has never been any explanation given for why this change was made. If you happen to have any intelligence on this, I would love to hear about it because I’m absolutely dying of curiosity. But this leads me to a bigger problem: as a book purist, I’m stuck having to buy Ravenclaw merchandise in the wrong colors with the wrong mascot, because Warner Bros. has something against eagles or something. *headdesk*

And of course it seems silly to many of you, my rage towards this injustice. But come on! It’s in the freaking books! As per J.K. Rowling, aka GOD in the Harry Potter fandom. How can you eff that up? Unless the writers and/or producers didn’t actually read the books close enough to catch that detail, of course. (Sometimes I wonder…)

Okay, I can kind of see it. “Ravenclaw”. Yeah, I get it, you took it literally. But then again, the mascot for Hufflepuff isn’t a Huffle…or a Puff…so I still can’t really let Warner Bros. have that one. And I know many of my fellow Ravenclaws feel that blue and silver look better together than blue and bronze, but…but, I…I just…IT’S IN THE BOOKS! THAT’S HOW IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE! AKFJHDGHFJLDSHFFHF!!!!!!!!!

*deep breath*

I really should just get over myself and buy this freaking thing if I want a Ravenclaw shirt so badly. But I just…ugh. I hate it. I want a blue and bronze shirt with an eagle, and that’s how it should be. I don’t want a stupid, ugly raven with a stupid blue and silver color scheme because it’s ugly and dumb and not how it is in the books.

So THERE. /childishtantrum

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