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The blog of a twentysomething who is finally unleashing her inner geek after stifling it for the majority of her adolescence.

about the geek

I figured it was time to formally introduce myself to whoever happens to stumble upon my little internet project. :)

My name is Emma. I live in Colorado and I’m a twentysomething full-time college student studying history with a concentration in social studies teaching. Technically my major covers all different eras of history, but my preference is U.S. History from the Revolutionary War to reconstruction after the Civil War. I own more books on the Civil War than there are books in the Bible. /historygeek I have just over a year left if all goes according to plan. YIKES.

As mentioned in the “About the Blog” page, I originally hid my geekiness to better fit in during my years in secondary education. Nowadays, I have no problem walking around wearing a shirt that says “I Believe in Nargles.” I’m not a hardcore gamer or cosplayer, nor have I ever built my own computer, but truth be told the labels “nerd” and “geek” don’t really mean any of that anymore. Still, I’m more of a movie/tv/book kinda geek (which consists mainly of Harry Potter, The Avengers, Lord of the Rings, Daria, Game of Thrones, and The Big Bang Theory). I’m not sure if I’ll ever become a more “serious” gamer; I’d have to get over my fear of zombies first!

My boyfriend Liam and I have been together since May 2009. He’d be a wonderful guy even if he wasn’t a nerd, but the fact that he is makes all of this way more fun. He fills many roles in my life besides longtime boyfriend, the others consisting of best friend, Magic The Gathering coach, Dungeons & Dragons instructor, video game cohort, wizard rock concert date, fellow teacher-in-training, and snugglebear. I typically refer to him here as The Boyfriend and his group of friends as The Nerd Herd.

I post as often as I can, but as I continue on through my undergraduate and teaching work I find I have less and less free time. I’m also not just posting here, but I’m also a contributing writer at The Hudsucker. Still, I appreciate any and all views and comments and hope that post-college I’ll be able to turn this blog into a much bigger project.

You can contact me at any time regarding questions, collaborations, declarations of love, etc. And of course, general blog comments are always welcome. :)

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