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Enemies of the Heir, Beware!

The first four chapters of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets have been released to everyone on Pottermore today. Through, uh…*coughs* certain magical…ah, opportunities…I was able to preview Chamber of Secrets with the Slytherins yesterday, which was their reward for winning the first House Cup. This keeps up my record of being first for everything in Pottermore: I registered the first day of the quill challenge, I was let in during the first day of beta access, and now this. Totally not bragging or anything.

So here are my thoughts on the biggest Pottermore update since the site opened last year, and if it’s worth former Pottermore users digging out their old login info and giving it a go. This is SPOILER-RIDDEN TERRITORY, so you’ve been warned! Enemies of the Heir, Beware!

(The warning is for the Pottermore content, obviously, not for the book. It’s been out for ages, go read it already. AND NO, THE MOVIE DOESN’T COUNT.)

First of all, contrary to popular belief I actually like that Pottermore is releasing the chapters in groups. Everyone zipped through Sorcerer’s Stone so quickly and were left with nothing else to do, so this should keep the momentum going for much longer this time around. Kudos on learning from your mistakes, Pottermore! (You still need a better contact form, though.)

The bonus content, which is the main reason why anyone even still has a Pottermore account, is awesome. You can see it for yourself, but there’s tons on the Malfoys and how wizards feel about electricity which was oddly fascinating. It’d be worth it to go into Muggle Studies just so I could be on Tumblr all day doing “research.” I wish there was more bonus content in these four chapters, but I need to remind myself that there are still fourteen chapters to go in this book. I’m just a spoiled brat and want to read ALL THE THINGS! /ravenclaw

One thing I was very, very impressed with was the minigames. Yes, minigames! Sorcerer’s Stone had small ones, like catching the Golden Snitch and picking out the right key as you ventured to the Mirror of Erised, but Chamber of Secrets has actual game games. There’s a game where you have to balance Aunt Petunia’s pudding, a gnome-clearing game in the Weasley’s garden that seems to be giving a lot of people trouble due to its difficulty, and a memory game to get your Second Year shopping list for Diagon Alley. There’s much more to do already, which is wonderful. Clicking through pictures, as beautiful as they are, gets really old really fast.

You can also use items from your trunk now! Yes, if you finish chapter four (where you collect a hairpin) and go back to chapter one, you can open Harry’s old cupboard under the stairs! I was hoping we’d get to use these items at some point, so it’s great to see that Pottermore has started that already. Also, there’s so many things to collect in just four chapters it isn’t even funny. I found an entire list in case you were wondering. Why Harry has so many Bertie Botts beans lying around his room, we’ll never know.

Overall? Pottermore has definitely stepped up their game with Chamber of Secrets, and it’s definitely worth a look if you haven’t logged on since beta testing. The next chapters (5-11) will be released “in the coming weeks”; I know I’m definitely looking forward to it thanks to what I’ve seen today and yesterday!

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