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Issra has taken on a life of her own with thanks to my nerves about how exactly to roleplay her. I didn’t mean to shout out “OH WOW, CLOUDS!!” in the middle of the other characters dialoguing, but with that, the bubbly, eccentric, and dazed Issra Blessens voice was born. I mean, she was always supposed to be bubbly and happy, but it’s sort of hilarious how toddler-ish she’s become. Instead of saying “Stop, I have a strange connection to the forest we’re approaching,” she’ll blurt out “I HAVE FEELINGS.” She’s adorably scary, and despite her cuteness she will still blow you up with Eldritch Blast (when she’s not rolling so shitty). The other party members are equal parts amazed and scared of their teeny yet powerful new friend. Especially one of the Drow in our party; Issra shared her breakfast with him in the inn when he first came to town, and she has since claimed him as her BFF. I’m not sure if he’s comfortable with this yet. :P

I’m doing really well with the roleplaying and really enjoy that aspect of it the more I play, but man do I still suck at combat. I have some powerful abilities other than just Eldritch Blast, but I’m still not sure when I should be using them and on whom. My fellow gamers have been really helpful in this area, but it’s still a struggle. Of course, it didn’t help that this week’s game was a disaster as far as rolling. My perception was shit, my aim was shit, everything was shit. SHIT, I SAY. Oy.

I know that’s how it goes some weeks, but seeing as how much ass-kicking Issra has delivered in the past few games, it’s really discouraging when suddenly you’re rolling threes and fours when you need to roll sixteens and seventeens.


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