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“Eldritch Blast! Eldritch Blast! Eldritch Blast!”

Issra Blessens grew up with her mother, a human named Tinra, and never knew of her elf father whose name and whereabouts are unknown. When Issra was a child, Tinra took part in a Fey Pact to protect her daughter from a mysterious power hell-bent on using the child’s intense magical powers for its own means. Issra had no say in the matter, since she was only a child. When Issra came of age her mother disappeared without a trace, and the only one that knows of her mother’s whereabouts is the guardian of Issra’s Fey Pact. The guardian has since sent its agents (in the form of pixies) to taunt Issra about her mother’s disappearance, and to instruct her to be in the large town of Boro Grove on the day of the Planting Festival. There, the agents told Issra, “something” would happen. Having no clue as to where and why she needed to be in this town at this particular time, and worried sick about her mother’s whereabouts, Issra begins her adventure (and mine) the day of the Planting Festival.

So there’s my character’s backstory! The first session went well, though admittedly Issra had very little to do but hang around the festivities and observe anything odd or mysterious happening. I had a lot of trouble during the first round of combat (which took place in the evening, post-festival) because I was struggling to properly take advantage of all of Issra’s powers and I was still figuring out the mechanics of basic combat. Still, I had a lot of fun and I’m excited to see what comes out of this session. Did that dwarf attack on Boro Grove have anything to do with the Fey Pact guardian’s message? Or was it pure coincidence? Find out next time!

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