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Invisible eye-poking? Check!

So last Thursday was character creation for The Boyfriend’s summer D&D campaign. I settled on a Half-Elf Warlock named Issra Blessens (thank you, random fantasy name generator!). She’s physically weak, but very intelligent with tons of charisma. Issra’s probably going to be the face of the group due to all of that charisma, so hopefully I can pull that off! I’m kind of nervous about that, but it makes sense for Issra to take a leadership role. Everyone else in the party is a little lacking in that area. ;)

Still working on some of Issra’s backstory, but the essentials are that Issra’s an out-of-towner along with one other group member – everyone else lives in the starting town. She’s very bubbly and fun, but if you’re an enemy or get on her bad side, she’ll let you have it full-force. She’s got a rod, a javelin, and a dagger at her disposal. Your choice. :P

Her at-will powers include Eldritch Blast and Eyebite, so…Issra blows shit up and pokes you in the eye repeatedly if you piss her off. Her encounter powers are Witchfire (penalties to attack rolls) and Knack for Success. Her daily power is Curse of the Dark Dream (self-explanatory, I hope). Physically she’s not very threatening, but watch your ass when it comes to her powers. As she levels, they’re only going to get worse!

So far I’m really excited about the campaign and my fellow adventurers. I’ll make a post later this week featuring the background story about our adventures and how the first official session goes!

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One thought on “Invisible eye-poking? Check!

  1. Hahaha, sounds awesome. I understand nothing of D&D, but have fun!

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