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I wear my nerd on my sleeve. (IMAGE-HEAVY!)

Aaaaahhhhh, finally! It’s taken me forever to get around to it, but I now present to you…my nerdy t-shirts! :D

^ This is a souvenir from The Whomping Willows show I went to a few years ago. This particular print is discontinued, but you can get an updated one from his merch shop. (Ignore my shadow in the lower right corner. That’s not a stain, just my head. xD)

^ The Boyfriend’s younger sister gave this to me as a Christmas present the year before last. Gotta love that girl power! ;)

^ The official shirt for my university’s chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance. On the back it says “The Weapon We Have is Love.”

^ Ah, yes. Everyone’s favorite wizard rockers, Harry and the Potters, came to Denver last year. So glad I went to see them! Their shows can get pretty nuts.

^ Aren’t we all? ;) This was a purchase from when Lauren Fairweather/The Moaning Myrtles came to town two years ago. The blue is almost gone but you can get the logo in lime green now!

^ House Pride! (Kinda still in denial about Pottermore putting me into Hufflepuff, NGL.) This was snagged from TeeFury, a 24-hour artist-submitted t-shirt site. They always have fun, nerdy shirts so be sure to check them out!

^ The Boyfriend’s family took Angry Birds-themed portraits last year, and gave me a shirt as an honorary family member. Because we all know Yellow Bird pwns all other birds.

^ Yep, showing The Big Bang Theory some love! Got this as an Easter present this year from my mom, but I have no clue where she got it. :/

^ This was a Christmas gift from The Boyfriend. All Caps is a nerdy band I’ve written about before. They’re now defunct, but you should still check out their songs like “World of Warcraft Ruined My Life,” “Real or Not Real,” and “I Love Brains.”

That’s my lovely nerdy t-shirt collection thus far! I’m hoping that it’ll continue to grow. What, if any, nerdy shirts do YOU own? And where did you get them?

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7 thoughts on “I wear my nerd on my sleeve. (IMAGE-HEAVY!)

  1. Your HPA t-shirt is awesome! I wish my university had a chapter.

  2. You know I LOVE your Marvel shirt! :) I actually have one of those featuring all female heroes, except that it’s from the DC Universe. It was from high school but I wore it again just recently when I found it, LOL! Love The Big Bang Theory one too. I do want a shirt that says BAZINGA! on it!

  3. Nice, you and I have the same ravenclaw shirt. (it’s so comfortable) Most of the shirts I have are ironic tees from threadless like “Honk if you are about to run me over”, “College taught me a lesson I’m still paying for”, and “Procrastinators: Leaders of Tomorrow.” And I have a bunch of anime shirts. Unfortunately I can’t fit any of them, so I wear them as pajamas or workout shirts. I would love to have a Legend of Korra/Avatar: The Last Airbender shirt.

    • Ugh, Threadless. I always hate when they have an epic sale because then I’m all “BUY ALL THE THINGS!” and my debit card weeps. ;___;

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