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That’s right, today I’m going to talk about my progress on Neopets. Which hasn’t amounted to much since my last update. :X I’ve had my current account for almost two and a half years, and I’m only just now about to hit my very first million (after splurging on an Electric Paint Brush for ~450,000 NP).

I’ve discussed previously how I’ve always wanted an Island Uni (and I mean always; I think this is the third account so far I’ve tried to accomplish this with?) but I’ve never owned a full lab map either. I want both, but can only afford the lab map right now (~900,000 NP). An Island Paint Brush runs for ~4,800,000 NP and an Island Uni Morphing Potion isn’t much cheaper. *sigh*

What’s a Neopian to do? Should I splurge on the lab map and hope for the best, or keep saving for the paint brush/morphing potion? Or am I the only one here who still plays Neopets?

*crickets chirp*

…Alrighty then.

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