adventures in geekdom

The blog of a twentysomething who is finally unleashing her inner geek after stifling it for the majority of her adolescence.


Okay, so back in the day I used to shun my inner geek. However, when it came to the internet there was no hiding anything. That’s right, I’m a part of a prestigious group of people who were a part of a social networking site pre-MySpace. That’s right, pre-MySpace. I know, it’s crazy!

Of course, Facebook is now Disneyland and MySpace is that junky, deserted traveling carnival where creepy middle-aged guys hang out and smoke. Still, I remember clubs, badges (you think Farmville is addicting?), and best of all…TAGBOOKS! That’s right, before Facebook introduced their questions feature, there were tagbooks. Strangers could ask you questions, multiple people could answer, and it was amazing. It even led to an actual book!

Confession time: I was only about 12 or 13 when I had a Bolt account, which was…well, not exactly in line with their policies. *wiggles eyebrows* A friend of mine convinced me to sign up and we had a ball. It was also the original message boards for American Idol, and people used screen names that usually xlOoKeDlikEtHiSx. Oh, and it gave me a leg up in the world of HTML/CSS coding, one of my early geeky hobbies. Those were the days, man. Those were the days.

Even when I was trying to hide it, I was always an internet geek. :-)

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