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We Are Harry and the Potters » Ride the Lightning: 2011 Summer Tour!

We Are Harry and the Potters » Ride the Lightning: 2011 Summer Tour!


Harry and the Potters announce the MOST EPIC TOUR stretching from May 26 through July 19 and including locations from Toronto to San Diego to LeakyCon.  Seriously, I can’t remember ever seeing a wrock tour as extensive as this.  Click the link for details!

*incoherent spazzing and flailing*

Essentially, you place the toy dog on the surface of your choosing, and its eyes beam out two infrared beams which track your finger movements. You can click, double-click, right click, drag, drop, pinch and swipe your way around a computer desktop. And if you’re in need of a keyboard, EvoMouse will project one of those for you as well.

I know it’s a pretty amazing piece of technology, but my mind is still going “ZOMG A DOGGIE SO CUTES!!!” xD

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