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giga pets

Look what I just found while going through boxes in our basement: my old Giga Pets!

I was able to get the Digital Doggie (left) up and running, through the sound doesn’t work anymore. The Komputer Koala (middle) has a damaged screen, which is why there’s a weird black mark on it. And I haven’t tried out the Nano Baby yet (right) because having more than one of these active at a time is a pain in the ass, IIRC.

Honestly, I’m not too upset that the sound for the Digital Doggie doesn’t work, seeing as these things tend to chirp every minute or so inevitably preparing us for owning a cell phone. Still, it’s pretty cool to rediscover one of the first pieces of technology I ever owned as a kid. Hello, nostalgia!

Tell me your Giga Pet/Nano Baby/Tamagotchi/etc. stories! :)

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One thought on “giga pets

  1. Would love to buy the nano baby if u would consider selling it….? 😀😀😀 msg me if ur interested at all

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