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magic: the gathering

Eureka, I haven’t hit an error message yet!

In all seriousness, I really did consider relocating this blog to another site because Tumblr has been so buggy lately. Be grateful I didn’t have the guts to leave you, Tumblr. At least, not yet. *evil eye* Also, as announced in the mini-post I made a few days ago, comments are enabled for everyone! *throws confetti* (If you’d still like to submit a question or topic for me to write a full post on, there’s always the ask feature.)

Time for Magic: The Gathering updates!

Last week, The Boyfriend and I headed over to the local comic book store to find some individual cards for our decks, as well as to buy booster packs (just for fun). The store had all but two of the cards I was looking for — Fire Servant and Preordain — and because I didn’t end up getting them in my booster pack, The Boyfriend and I are thinking of making another trip to the comic book store in a few weeks to see if they’ve restocked. However, I did end up with another Shiv’s Embrace, Earth Servant and Fiery Hellhound like I wanted. YEY.

On to the booster packs! Which is quite the funny story, actually. A few weeks ago, one of The Boyfriend’s friends ended up with the super-mega-awesome-rare planeswalker for my deck (Chandra Nalaar) in his booster pack. Fast-forward to the present, with The Boyfriend and I back at home from the comic book store and preparing to open our newly-bought booster packs. He joked that it’d be hilarious if I received his friend’s planeswalker card (Jace Beleren), just to even the score. I laughed…and laughed even harder as soon as I ripped open the packaging, because guess what the very first card was?

Yep. Seriously.

In non-Magic related news, I’m currently working on a checklist of geeky/nerdy things to try out in both the near and distant future (e.g., watch Scott Pilgrim vs. the World [near], go to ComicCon [distant], etc.). While this blog isn’t about forcing myself to be a stereotypical “geek”, I still think it’d be fun to test out some tried-and-true geeky pastimes and see how it goes. If you have any suggestions as to things I should add to my list, please tell me about them in the comments!

Until next time…keep calm and geek on. :)

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