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general update

My sincere apologies for not posting anything this past week! The new semester has officially started, and I wanted to give you all a heads up that I’m back in school full-time and probably won’t be able to post here as much as I’d like.

Now, I have a pretty good-sized list of topics to discuss in the coming weeks, so this blog is definitely not going anywhere. The only change is that you might have to wait a bit longer between posts. :X

I also want to give a big “thank you” to all of my followers thus far. You guys are awesome, and thanks for joining me on this adventure. :)

giga pets

Look what I just found while going through boxes in our basement: my old Giga Pets!

I was able to get the Digital Doggie (left) up and running, through the sound doesn’t work anymore. The Komputer Koala (middle) has a damaged screen, which is why there’s a weird black mark on it. And I haven’t tried out the Nano Baby yet (right) because having more than one of these active at a time is a pain in the ass, IIRC.

Honestly, I’m not too upset that the sound for the Digital Doggie doesn’t work, seeing as these things tend to chirp every minute or so inevitably preparing us for owning a cell phone. Still, it’s pretty cool to rediscover one of the first pieces of technology I ever owned as a kid. Hello, nostalgia!

Tell me your Giga Pet/Nano Baby/Tamagotchi/etc. stories! :)


Three years ago, five fabulously nerdy and talented girls from all over the United States came together to create a collaboration channel on YouTube. It was the first YouTube channel of its kind: the girls each posted a vlog on their assigned day of the week for an entire year in an attempt to get to know each other better.

This is the story of fiveawesomegirls.

As of January 2011 the project has ended, but it had a remarkable three-year run and a pretty significant impact on the YouTube community. I’ve followed 5AG from almost the very beginning, when the channel was just a few months old, and was truly sad to see the project end and the girls move on with their internet (and real) lives. Of course, I completely understand the girls’ reasons for moving on and will continue to support them and their various internet projects, but because of what the channel has given to me I can’t pretend I’m not sad that this amazing project is actually over.

5AG was one of the first nerdy outlets that I encountered on the internet that hooked me from the minute I found it. After having moved to a new state and not having made many new friends yet, I felt like I’d suddenly made friends with a group of girls who were just like me. In my first post to this blog I explained how I hid my nerdy tendencies in order to “fit in” during high school, and ended up not only failing miserably at fitting in but also missing out on awesome friends and life-changing events. The 5AG were the friends I wish I’d had during those times, going on the adventures I wish I’d gone on. And I realized that I could still have that in my own life, right now. Nothing was stopping me except for me. 5AG helped me to realize that.

It’s been a strange 2011 so far, what with there not being a new 5AG video in my YouTube subscription box reminding me what day of the week it is every weekday. It feels like a closed chapter in not only their lives, but my own as well. However, I’ll never forget the impact that these girls had on my life, and how they helped me to not feel so alone during a very difficult transition in my life. That is something I’ll always be grateful for.

Adieu, 5AG. And thank you for everything. :)







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magic: the gathering

Eureka, I haven’t hit an error message yet!

In all seriousness, I really did consider relocating this blog to another site because Tumblr has been so buggy lately. Be grateful I didn’t have the guts to leave you, Tumblr. At least, not yet. *evil eye* Also, as announced in the mini-post I made a few days ago, comments are enabled for everyone! *throws confetti* (If you’d still like to submit a question or topic for me to write a full post on, there’s always the ask feature.)

Time for Magic: The Gathering updates!

Last week, The Boyfriend and I headed over to the local comic book store to find some individual cards for our decks, as well as to buy booster packs (just for fun). The store had all but two of the cards I was looking for — Fire Servant and Preordain — and because I didn’t end up getting them in my booster pack, The Boyfriend and I are thinking of making another trip to the comic book store in a few weeks to see if they’ve restocked. However, I did end up with another Shiv’s Embrace, Earth Servant and Fiery Hellhound like I wanted. YEY.

On to the booster packs! Which is quite the funny story, actually. A few weeks ago, one of The Boyfriend’s friends ended up with the super-mega-awesome-rare planeswalker for my deck (Chandra Nalaar) in his booster pack. Fast-forward to the present, with The Boyfriend and I back at home from the comic book store and preparing to open our newly-bought booster packs. He joked that it’d be hilarious if I received his friend’s planeswalker card (Jace Beleren), just to even the score. I laughed…and laughed even harder as soon as I ripped open the packaging, because guess what the very first card was?

Yep. Seriously.

In non-Magic related news, I’m currently working on a checklist of geeky/nerdy things to try out in both the near and distant future (e.g., watch Scott Pilgrim vs. the World [near], go to ComicCon [distant], etc.). While this blog isn’t about forcing myself to be a stereotypical “geek”, I still think it’d be fun to test out some tried-and-true geeky pastimes and see how it goes. If you have any suggestions as to things I should add to my list, please tell me about them in the comments!

Until next time…keep calm and geek on. :)

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