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general update/magic: the gathering

My poor little blog. How I’ve neglected you so!

I really do feel bad about not posting in over a week (only a week? It feels like it’s been a lot longer), but I had absolutely no control over what’s been happening to my body. You see, during finals week, I came down with the flu.

Oh, yes. I’m serious. It was gloriously fun. And it totally didn’t make me rethink the effectiveness of that damned flu shot, no sir. But wait! That’s not all! Just as I was beginning to recover (and keep food down)…I caught a cold. A nasty one. That I’m still dealing with as we speak. (Thanks, Mom. *sniff*)

Sadly, all I’ve got for you are some minor updates on Magic: The Gathering:

1) The Boyfriend received the white and black 2011 Intro Deck from a friend for Christmas, and has been using it to give me a run for my money. Boo. I liked it better when my Ancient Hellkite was kicking his ass. :(

2) However, said generous friend bought himself the blue and white Intro Deck, and in his Booster Pack he ended up with Chandra Nalaar. Namely, the Planeswalker for my deck, which a super-mega-ultra-rare-made-of-awesome card.

Thankfully, said friend was all up for trading it for a Conundrum Sphinx that came in the Booster Pack I’d gotten in my Intro Deck. *clings to Chandra*

3) The Boyfriend and I went through both of our decks and next week, we will hit the local comic book store to buy some individual cards that will hopefully benefit our decks barring that this effing cold goes away before then. Don’t get me wrong, I reiterate what I said in my last post — the Intro Decks are pretty damn awesome — but I don’t really need a Stone Golem (artifact creature) that costs five mana when other decks have creatures and sorcery that will get rid of all artifacts on the playing field, when I could have another Fiery Hellhound. Woof. *smooshes her cuddly demon puppy from the underworld*

I’m sorry that’s all I’ve got for you, but I really need to rest up. Hey, while I’m resting, I may finally watch the last three episodes of Firefly! And watch Serenity! (I’ve been putting it off because I DON’T WANT IT TO END. *sobs*)

So, yes. Hopefully I’ll recover from this awful plague cold (and everyone around me will start using hand sanitizer 24/7 for the next four months), and I hope everyone has a wonderful plague-free holiday season.

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