adventures in geekdom

The blog of a twentysomething who is finally unleashing her inner geek after stifling it for the majority of her adolescence.


Wow. Okay. Here we go.

*deep breath*

Until about two years ago, I was a closet geek nerd geek whatever. I’ll figure that out later.

In high school, I wanted so badly to like certain things, hang out with certain people, watch certain tv shows…but didn’t allow myself to. Why? Because I also wanted very badly to “fit in.” I wanted to be accepted by my peers as somebody, whatever that meant. Whether or not they liked me for who I was became kind of redundant.

Looking back on it, I was a complete idiot.

It took me a while to figure out that those people weren’t worth my time. Those people never really cared. Those people were never going to give me the self-worth I desperately craved. I was going to have to do that on my own.

Once I graduated high school, I took a year and a half off before starting college to just…I don’t know. Recharge? (Ugh, that sounds weird. I’m a person, not a battery.) But in that year and a half, something crazy happened: I grew up. I matured. I figured out who I really am as opposed to who I’d been trying to be through most of my adolescence. And what I realized is that I’m kind of a kick-ass person with a lot to offer the world. I also realized I was a total geek.

And guess what? I was cool with it.

However, I had just moved with my family to a different state and had yet to meet any new real-life friends. I wanted desperately to share my new-found geekiness with someone who’d appreciate it, someone who would join in the fun with me. I mean, I had friends back in my old home state, don’t get me wrong. But I needed someone here to geek out with. And it took a while to find that friend, but I did. I found him.

Yeah, “him.” As in, boy.

I won’t get into the mushy details because that’s not what this blog is about, but we’ve been dating for the last year and a half and it’s been amazing. I didn’t expect to find a boyfriend, but he is so much more than that. He’s let me continue to grow and figure out who I am, and he’s been extraordinarily patient with me as I take these very small, very tentative steps into discovering my inner geek. He’s the best friend I’ve ever had, and I couldn’t be happier that I’ve started this journey with him by my side.

So. This blog. This “girl comes out of the geek closet” project I’ve thought up. I’m not sure what this is or what it’s going to be or where I want it to go, but here it is. I don’t claim to be perfect, to be awesome, or to even know that much about what I’m getting into. But if you, random internet stalker, want to stick around to see what happens along with me, that’d be cool. Not that “cool” matters, or anything. ;)

So here we go. Behold, my adventures into geekdom!

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